PLEASE ARRIVE 10 MINUTES EARLY for forms and instructions. Reservation required.



GROUP: Group rates available for 20 adults and more.

AGE: One child is 12 years of age or younger.

PAYMENT: Cash, credit card, Interac debit card.

SAFETY: Wearing the PFD (safety jacket) is compulsory when you are on a body of water.


WHAT TO BRING: Water, sunscreen, hat, swimsuit, towel. It is advantageous to also bring; Mosquito repellent, waterproof bag, water shoe, spare clothing, snack.

POLICY: In case of rain, all planned activities always take place. You have 24 hours before the date of your reservation to cancel without charge. In the event of a thunderstorm, Pause Plein Air reserves the right to cancel all activities planned.

Save time! Consult our rules in advance and download our risk acceptance form which must be given to us to start your activity.
River map (PDF) Rules (PDF) Risk (PDF)


Child: 12 years and under, the child must weigh more than 20 lbs (minimum weight for lifejacket)

Simple kayak: Minimum age is 12 years old (based on the parent's opinion, the child may be younger but must be accompanied and able to perform the activity adequately.) A rope system may be provided Be accompanied by an adult.

Double Kayak: One child under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Minimum age to rent boats alone: ​​16 +

Plate SUP: Minimum age is 13 + years and must be accompanied by a person of 16 years +.
The maximum weight is 250 lbs.

Dogs: Permits on leash only and excrements must be picked up.

Hours: Last descent at 3:00 pm. Maximum time for return: 7:00 pm.

Seat belt: The port is mandatory.

Beaches: Please stay on the beach at all times to respect the local residents along the river. Please keep your waste.

Important: It is my responsibility not to consume alcohol, to have in my possession nor to be under the influence of any drugs, illicit substances or drugs. Before the activity I should not be above the blood alcohol limit of 80 mg per 100 ml of blood, commonly referred to as "zero point eight") and remain so for the duration of the activity. I am aware that any breach of these rules by me may involve risks to my safety and that of others. Pause plein air will not be held responsible for any incident or accident resulting from the consumption of alcohol, drugs, illicit substances or drugs.
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